Exclusive: Another agent quits IMG

Exclusive: Another agent quits IMG


norman lebrecht

December 11, 2015

We hear that Senior-VP Tanja Dorn has handed in her notice. So have her two assistants.

The likelihood is that some of her artists will follow her out of the IMG door.

They include the Mexican conductor Alondra de la Parra (pictured), the junior Järvi (Krystian), the violinist Arabella Steinbacher and the pianists Jan Lisiecki and Vaentina Lisitsa.

Tanja, based in Hanover, is a bit of a loner and a live wire. IMG will quickly limit the immediate damage of her departure. But too many agents and artists have walked out in the past year for the business to feel totally secure.



  • Itsjtime says:

    Ms de la Parra is quite photogenic… Is that why she is the lead for this entry? I realize sex sells(I personally do not pay for sex), but I was under the impression you(Norman) might take the higher road. But then again… she illicits such strong reactions to her performance standard that I am starting to see the point…so let me be the first on this string of posts to add my dissatisfaction with her musicianship and lack there of. It is a shame such a talentless woman would garner such attention…even though I myself have taken the time to care.
    I guess I am bored without baseball.

  • Believe says:

    …or you are just an old whining, complaining, bitching & moaning prick Mr ITSJTIME.

  • Deirdre says:

    No conducting technique, little in-depth musical understanding and a lot of PR. I challenge any professional musician, preferably an orchestra musician, to defend Ms. de la Parra here if they can. I doubt that there will be many defenders. It would be a joke and quite funny, if it weren’t so serious.

    Ms. Dorn can take Ms. de la Parra when she leaves IMG, it won’t help Ms. Dorn very much, but rather show, yet again, that so many “professionals” within the classical management business, really don’t have any clue as to what makes and what is a good conductor. Their focus on everything but the music is what will eventually destroy the “business” and I’m sure that deep down Ms. Dorn knows that. She, like so many, have sold their souls to the devil and have turned themselves into purveyors of low end fast food, nice to the eye, but of poor quality and bad for your musical health.

    • Robert Fleischer says:

      Correct, Bravo. The agents are destroying the business. There is no integrity left in the Classical Music Business. None of the great conductors from the past would have a career today. NONE, not Toscanini, Walter, Klemperer, Monteux, Fürtwangler. They aren’t young and sexy enough for today’s market place.

  • Ivan says:

    Another bright and capable executive jumping off of that rotting mess of an agency. She won’t regret it.

  • Manu says:

    Super agent capable of making top carrier for mediocrities as parea and lisiski

  • Itsjtime says:

    Dearest Mr. Or MRS. BELIEVE. I don’t know where you got the idea that pricks moan. Perhaps “a venom spitting prick” would have been more apropo.
    Defending Ms. De la Less than Mediocre is your right to do, certainly. My guess would be that you may be her tio/tia, hermano/hermano or made/ padre. For that is a musician only her family could love.