Cologne Opera runs €120 million over budget

Things are not adding up on the Rhine.

The Cologne Opera is undergoing a refit. It was supposed to cost €288 million, reopening in 2015. Now the budget is €400-460 million and the new date is 2018.

All being well.

cologne opera

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  • NL says: “It was supposed to cost €288 million, reopening in 2015.”

    Not quite, Norman. The initial budget was set at €230 million in 2008 and after the project plans were finalized in 2011 reset to the expected cost of €253 million, with work beginning in July 2012 and the reopening being scheduled for Nov. 2015.
    In October 2014 a cost-overrun of at least 10% was announced and since then has been frequently adjusted upward.

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