Classic FM presenter steps out without her pants

The tabloids are full of Myleene Klass this morning, which is just how she likes it. The paparazzi pictures, which we wouldn’t dream of showing on a grown-up site like Slipped Disc, display Classic FM weekend presenter Myleene arriving at a Cosmopolitan event with nothing but a lacy see-through covering her bottom.

In case anyone missed the spectacle, Myleene helpfully tweeted: ‘Essentially, I’ve gone out tonight in my pyjamas’.

Classic FM’s audience, many of them mature people who are presumed by advertisers to be interested in dentures and stairlifts, will be mystified perhaps by the fuss.

Myleene, who has a wry sense of self mockery and marketing, will not be in the least discomfited. Here’s her wholesome picture from Classic FM.



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  • Grown up, any other self serving adjectives u wanna throw there?

    This place blatantly favors certain artists while demonizing others, and advocates for a return to the “good old days” by attacking any hint of modernization (Google, etc)

    VERY grown-up

    (And BTW, there havebeen multiple naked pictures in the site in the past weeks, but I guess those were “Artistic nudes” Whatever, buttocks are buttocks)

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