Cambridge in a twist over musicology job

Cambridge in a twist over musicology job


norman lebrecht

December 29, 2015

The Times Higher Educational Supplement has picked up on a storm generated by Slipped Disc over a Cambridge advertisement for a Senior University Lectureship in Wagner, Liszt and the Cultural History of Technology.

The terms are so specific that it seemed highly likely the job was tailored to a known individual.

We named him.

The THES won’t. But it does report widespread discomfort among academics at the terms of the engagement. As well as the official line:

Nicholas Cook, head of the music department, said that it was for a “strategic appointment”.

A Cambridge spokesman added that it had “advertised to fill an identified need for a specialist academic role” and an “open application process, which includes a rigorous interview stage, is ratified by our human resources team and is fully in line with UK employment law”.

Read the THES report here.

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  • David says:

    My biggest issue is that, reading the one article I could find, it was shite. Anybody who knows anything about up upmixing could tell you he is just wrong (or incredibly narrow o the point of irrelevance) in this article, appearing to think upmixed audio simply sends the stereo signal to all speakers:

    The one thing that upmixing does is retain the original stereo image…