Bayreuth makes Mrs Merkel sweat

Die Welt reports that temperatures in the Festspielhaus last summer reached a peak of 45 degrees Centigrade, with humidity of 64 percent.

Temperatures at Bayreuth have risen overall by 1.5 degrees, in conformity with global warming.

One of the hottest seats, the newspaper reveals, is the Chancellor’s. Only the conductor and orchestra musicians suffer more.

Read here…. and you’ll understand why Angela has been converted to climate change.

Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) und ihr Ehemann Joachim Sauer, aufgenommen am 25.07.2015 bei der Eröffnung der 104. Bayreuther Festspiele in Bayreuth (Bayern) in der Pause. Die Richard-Wagner-Festspiele dauern bis zum 28. August. Foto: Tobias Hase/dpa +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++
phew, let’s get some air

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  • One of the few remaining niches of faux grand bourgeoise etiquette, where your dose of rebellion against the status quo is measured by taking your tuxedo jacket off or not inside.

      • Joachim Gauck has as much say in matters as Queen Elisabeth. Or are you implying that Germany is not a sovereign state but rather a US military base?

        • The head of state is not the head of the executive branch of government in many if not most democracies. In Germany the chancellor is third in the political protocol. First is the “Bundespräsident”. Second is the President of the Legislative, the “Bundestag”, third is the head of the executive government, the “Chancellor”.

          As far as Germany’s status as a US military base is concerned, that’s an affirmative. Germany is a vassal state to the US and does not have full sovereignty. Even though that’s not talked about officially.

  • I will never understand why the Festspielhaus has resisted installing noiseless induction fans. So simple, so inexpensive, and so much more comfortable. But no, we can’t change a thing, even if people have to be wheeled out of the auditorium on a stretcher… Typical of the Wagner family’s decision making process: pure stubbornness.

    • Cool down. There is no such thing as a noiseless fan, even the relatively quiet ones would be too noisy for use inside an auditorium for classical music. And upgrading an existing building to a noiseless ventilation system, like the best modern concert halls have is extremely expensive.
      Having said that, upgrading the system to at least sucking/blowing the hot air out in high volume at the ceiling before the performance and during the one-hour intermissions should be relatively easy to do.

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