Anna Netrebko likes her present

Anna Netrebko likes her present


norman lebrecht

December 26, 2015

They are getting married Tuesday morning.

anna netrebko likes her present


  • Erich says:

    Quite frankly, who cares. Many people get married – even twice! She’s a talented singer, nothing more. This column is getting more and more like a cheap magazine found in hairdressers or nailbars, rather than what purports to be a serious informative artsog. Get a life Norman!

  • Gerard says:

    I, for one would be interested, who is the happy man to marry the one by now, not that glamorous Anna.


    • MarieTherese says:

      Oh, a bit of gossip rag info now and again is a hoot! Opera plots are so far-fetched anyway that when life imitates art, it’s all the more fun and I’ll believe ithis marriage when it actually has happened! The guy is (the considerably younger) Azeebaijanzani tenor, Yusif Eyvazov, and they’ve bandied about several prospective dates and locations, the most plausible of which was “St Petersburg next summer”. However, with the past few summers there being quite hot and Ms N’s increasing weight (doesn’t bother me a bit-if anything, I think it’s improving her vocal support-I’m merely stating a fact), she might not want to subject herself to a potentially unflattering photo shoot in a heat wave. Or maybe they just really want to make it “official” this time around? I do admit that I’ve wondered if she bought her own engagement ring because that thing must have cost close to last years GNP of Azerbaijan!
      I’ve never been a great fan of Ms Netrebko; she’s been singing rep that hasn’t suited her voice for years, muddy diction, diva attitude, but the recent forays into Verdi have been a pleasant surprise. All of that aside, she seems truly happy with this new love in her life- she’s smiling more, and it reaches her eyes now and she’s not bothered by her weight gain but rather, seems to realize that it’s needed to support and assist her voice as she takes on new roles. I wish the couple well in their new life together but hope that they have the good sense (unlike other couples where one spouse is much more successful than the other) not to insist upon houses hiring them both as a “package deal”. That rarely works out well…

      • Jaybuyer says:

        I found giving up bread and butter worked wonders for me.
        (Unfortunately a staple with Charlotte when she meets Werther.)

    • Berta Calechman says:

      The prospective bridegroom is a fine tenor, named Yusif Eyvazov, born in Azerbaijan. The couple met in Rome, when they sang Manon Lescaut together, under Maestro Muti. Anna is very happy, and the photos of Mr. Eyvazov with her son, Tiago, are beautiful and heartwarming. I wish them every happiness.

  • David G says:

    I agree with Norman. A little bit of personal info on artists is relevant and interesting, if not in excess.

  • William Stanisich says:

    So glad for Anna. How dare anyone bring her weight into the equation! Have you seen her go to town as Lady Macbeth, her gorgeous skin, voice, daring, and generosity of spirit in this challenging role? I hope they are happy even though the profession is brutal. She has always had a magnetic smile. I remember her once in San Francisco, on an opening night, letting out a raucous laugh and a salute to a woman coming down the stairs. They were wearing identical dresses! A good sport, with the kind of spirit with something to spare. How lucky we are to watch her unexpected and tremendous growth. May she and her husband be happy, may they enjoy the plenty that her career has brought her! Brava!!!