What happened when Father Christmas came out

father christmas coming out

The Western Daily Press was disturbed when it unwrapped its Nestlé Father Christmas.

So cunning those Swiss.

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  • The thing I find stranger than chocolate warming and hardening taking on unintended shapes once cooled, is that this story is apparently from July and 2014 at that.
    I guess if you go looking for Father Christmas in July, you can’t expect first rate quality.

  • Where are the moaners complaining that this story is far too flippant, even vulgar, for such a serious music blog? Already hibernating in the comforting straw of Schoenberg’s Second String Quartet?

    • Well, moaning without somebody willing to hear you out or take your viewpoint into consideration, is just a waste of breath.
      And speaking of Schoenberg, I am currently listening to and watching a rather marvelous performance of the Gurrelieder.

    • Nope. Just yawning and wondering why this ancient item was posted at all. I gave up kicking against the pricks long ago. Doing so has produced not one iota of improvement in this blog.

    • One thing I should add, though. If the usual suspects cum experts in international affairs want to go to war again, they might take note that this appears to be a Jewish Father Christmas.

  • Seek, and ye shall find. The muckrakting journalistic approach has found a home long ago in Mr. Lebrecht’s finger tips. Dreams of sugar plum fairies, sir?

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