What an ENO singer does on a gloomy London day

The Israeli-born, New York-based mezzo Rinat Shaham is presently singing Preziosilla in English National Opera’s production of Verdi’s Force of Destiny.

That means being holed up in London for three of the greyest months of a singularly colourless year.

So she does what singers do when it’s dark: she sings.

And the songs she is recording seem perfectly attuned to the present mood.

This is ‘Second Childhood’ by the contemplative singer-songwriter Matti Caspi.


rinat shaham

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  • How long, I wondered, could this thing last?
    But the age of miracles hadn’t passed,
    For suddenly, I saw you there,
    And in foggy London Town
    The sun was shining evrywhere.

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