Watch schools superintendent smash a violin

Watch schools superintendent smash a violin


norman lebrecht

November 01, 2015

Meet Dr. Meria Carstarphen, superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools. She’s the fun-loving person who has cut 18 teaching posts at the Atlanta Public Schools Music Programs, eliminating music from many children’s lives.

Now witness the respect Meria shows for a musical instrument.

Watch the twitter video she has posted here.



  • Milka says:

    The barbarians are not at the gates … they are inside !!!!

  • Jevgeniy says:

    Unfortunately, they don’t teach Irony in business school or PhD Education programs.

  • Tim Walton says:

    Yet another idiot from over the pond.

    They really do have a high proportion of stupid people in public office.

    • Greg Hlatky says:

      “Dr. Carstarphen earned a doctorate in administration, planning and social policy, with a concentration in urban superintendency from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She earned a bachelor of arts in political science and Spanish from Tulane University and master of education degrees from Auburn University and Harvard University. She has also studied at the University of Seville, Spain, and University of Innsbruck, Austria.”

      So, between the Fool Factory and European universities, a lot gets explained.

      • JJC says:

        Yes, and according to so many of the commentators at this site (and elsewhere), the answer to our cultural malaise is to provide people like this with even more funds. This is what you will get, folks, this the best of what you will get…

    • Michael Endres says:

      The lady smashing a violin could be seen as a gesture of liberating herself from a troubled heritage ( “white male dominated structures in Beethoven” spring to mind ) and moving towards new liberated frontiers where the musical saw finally gets a fair chance next to Bach’s dusty offerings.
      We should welcome academic leaders that reach out to the audience and making the whole experience more relevant.
      Alternatively a more serious approach in debating cultural issues can also produce satisfactory results.

  • George King says:

    She’s an effing idiot.

  • Eddie Mars says:

    What I find more worrying is the audience of hillbilly hicks cheering this idiotic woman on :((

    • Greg Hlatky says:

      North Atlanta High School, where this video was taken, has 73% minority enrollment. Racist!

      • Holger H. says:

        73% minority doesn’t compute.

      • Eddie Mars says:

        I don’t give one DAMN what you call me, Hlatky.

        They are cheering an idiot woman, breaking a violin. They’re indicted by their own hick behaviour, black, white, yellow or green.

        Now slink back under your bridge.

    • V.Lind says:

      Agreed: whatever the budgetary restraints impose upon a school system, necessitating this or that cut in curriculum offerings, the public destruction of a musical instrument is a kind of secular blasphemy that could only take place in a community that encouraged such philistinism.

      It would be good to hear whether some of the many professional musicians in Atlanta have offered protest over gleeful destruction.

  • Gianmaria says:

    It’s a disgrace! Especially people with the power of shaping education should gear in the exact opposite direction: music is FUNDAMENTAL for any person. It simply makes for better human beings. The outrage here is this multi-titled woman (that shows you just how much a title means) cheered up by an audience in disrespecting centuries of culture in a 30 seconds span. Shame on you Mrs. Carstarphen, you are a disgrace to the educational system around the world, not only in Atlanta.