Want to be poor? Be a woman and work in the arts

A survey of UK arts salaries shows average pay hovering just under £30,000 and women earning at least ten percent less across the board than men.

And that’s despite women being in charge at the South Bank, ENO and other key institutions. The pay gap is apparently growing. How do boards justify that?

Full story here.

uk arts wages

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    • Once again, Lebrecht really needs to enlarge his pictures: the graph is virtually unreadable.

      As the above poster suggests, Lebrecht is deluded with his “statistics”. Men are being paid more because they are in more senior positions. And they are in more senior positions because they deserve them.

  • Do these stats conflate part-time and full-time salary figures? If so, it may be because more women are working part-time.

      • Depends if you are working part-time through choice. But then you and Norman know more about women’s real interests than they do themselves, the poor saps.

  • Statistical studies show that women are concentrated in lower paying orchestras throughout the international community.

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