Vienna to erect monument to Alban Berg

Eighty years after the composer’s death, a sculpture (below) will be unveiled early next year outside the Opera.

It’s in Herbert von Karajan-platz (the conductor had to wait about 80 minutes to get his Platz).

Watch TV News report here.


Wolf D.Prix mit Modell des Alban Berg-Denkmals

photo: APA/Herbert Pfarrhofer

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    • The sculpture is supposed to honor also Schonberg, Webern and Mahler. Vague but explicitly stated by the artist in the attached clip.

  • The object looks like one of Lulu’s outrageous shoes.

    There never was a ‘Second Viennese School’, as the three Holy Saints of early modernism have been called by 20C propagandists, and as the news reader conventionally relates. It was a charade, to defense an impossible position. Also ridiculous the implication that Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven formed the First Viennese School, as if the second were a natural development of the first. In reality, the ‘second’ broke down what the ‘first’ built-up.

    Poor Berg! to be one of the victims being honored by such crazy object, which is an ironic joke. The message seems to be: when you climb the 12 steps of the modernist revelation, you will arrive at the mental liberation as expressed in the free-floating arches of fantasy, no longer locked-up in the incarceration of repressive, backward tradition.

    Berg was still part of that tradition and forced his interpretation of 12-tone system into his imaginative efforts…. probably because the Master told him that Evolution required such exercise.

    Around The Three a large body of mythology has developed…. and much of it is based upon cultural misunderstandings, like most of the following modernist ideology.

    By the way, there does not really exist atonal music, recent research has demonstrated that ALL atonal music is, in fact, in A minor:

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