Just in: US orchestra files for bankruptcy

Just in: US orchestra files for bankruptcy


norman lebrecht

November 06, 2015

As foreseen, the Salem Chamber Orchestra has been unable to cover a $100,000 shortfall and will go out of business today after 31 years.

The composer John Corigiliano was due to visit this month.

It’s a sad day for Oregon.

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  • Alvaro says:

    I can imagine its sad because of the hundreds of years – millenia really- of tradition in classical music that Oregon has. Clearly the people in the city do not appreciate their heritage and culture, with household names such as Mozart, Beethoven and Wagner- all very relevant to Oregonian’s day to day life.

    Sarcasm apart. Its great, GREAT, news. If music could only focus on where they are strong instead of having imperialst wet-dreams of world domination with an orchestra in every little town and city, then the art form would actually be more relevant and not the regurgitated deja vu that it is.

    • Jeremy says:

      Judging by the picture it would make a fine venue for, say, mud-wrestling? Or perhaps a pole-dancing reality show?

      What are your suggestions, Alvaro?