US cellist raises $215,000 to make music for cats

US cellist raises $215,000 to make music for cats


norman lebrecht

November 25, 2015

David Teie, a cellist in the National Symphony Orchestra, creates music specially for cats. It’s based, he says, on scientific research into how to make pussies happy.


cat music nala

Unlike humans, says David, ‘felines establish their sense of music outside of the womb, through sounds heard after they’re born, like the chirping of birds, the sucking of milk, or the purring of their mother. Using only musical instruments, I incorporated those sounds and their natural vocalizations into music and matched it to the frequency range they use to communicate. The reason harp plays notes play in rapid succession (23 per second!) is because that’s the precise rate of a cat’s purr.’

So David decided to go global with a Kickstarter appeal for funds to record and promote music that cats will just love. He has passed his $200,000 target with three days to spare.



  • Doug says:

    Just think of all the shivering, hungry, Syrian widows and orphans that money could clothe and feed.

  • Robert Roy says:

    Or all the corporate entertaining it could fund. After all, CRYSTAL champagne doesn’t come cheap.

    Or maybe buy a propellor for an oligarch’s yacht.

  • Paul Kelly says:

    And I thought Andrew Lloyd Webber did that sort of thing…making music that cats didn’t actually like.

  • John Borstlap says:

    Hilarious…… excellent spoof.