Swedish star is felled by inner-ear disease

The Swedish clarinet star Martin Fröst has been forced to cancel his debut as artistic partner with the St Paul Chamber Orchestra due to an attack of Meniere’s Disease, an inner-ear disorder. He has also pulled out of an Asia tour. Alexander Fiterstein will substitute.

We wish Martin a swift recovery.

Details here.


photo: Mats Backer

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  • Has anybody ever played the clarinet better than Martin Fröst? I am sure he is being looked after by the best ear nose and throat doctors that money can buy, but I hope he will try acupuncture. It works wonders for ear disorders.

    • I have heard many great clarinetists over the years, but two stand above all others: Riccardo Morales and Martin Frost (hearing him in the Aho Concerto was an “I didn’t know the clarinet could DO that” experience). I wish him a full and quick recovery.

  • I have dealt with Meniere’s for over 20 years. Meniere’s manifests itself differently in different people, so to generalize is a mistake.
    Luckily I did not have the ringing in the ear. But I had all other symptoms described. The worst is the weakness that invades one’s body for 24 hours after a vertigo attack and the nausea. However I have had a wonderful career in the world of chamber music with the affliction. It is amazing how your body adjusts and other than not being able to tell where sound comes from, and getting really annoyed when some one calls you, you ask “where are you?” and they answer “here” which means nothing if you cannot tell where sound comes from, I would say compare to other crippling diseases, this is a minor inconvenience! Once the hearing is gone, all other symptoms go away. IT took me several years to lose my left ear. Some say I hear better with my one ear than they who have 2! I wish Mr. Frost the best, and remember, you can live well in spite of it, just do not let it get you down! Depression was part of the process!

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