Stranded in America, a violinist gives thanks to his friends

Stranded in America, a violinist gives thanks to his friends


norman lebrecht

November 26, 2015

Stefan Arzberger, first violin of the Leipzig Quartet, has been on bail in America for the past eight months since he was charged with attempted murder after an incident in a Manhattan hotel.

Yesterday he made another court appearance but the case seems no closer to coming to trial. Meantime, Stefan is dependent on support from friends who have responded to his FundRazr appeal.

Here’s his current situation:



Liebe Freunde, dear friends,
A short statement by my lawyers about the hearing today:

We were in court today, doing everything we can to move the case forward.
The judge said he would be away until January 14 and so we adjourned the case to that date to avoid any unnecessary delay.
The judge denied our request that Stefan is being permitted to return home for the holidays, but directed the prosecutor to do everything possible to assure that its expert psychiatrist prepares his report by the adjourn date.
We are hopeful that on January 14 the judge will set a trial date.
Richard Levitt & Nicholas Kaizer

Ich bin nun mehr als 8 Monate in diesem Land – ohne wirkliche Perspektiven und absehbare Zeiträume. Ich darf nicht arbeiten und muss alles vermeiden, was eventuelle Schwierigkeiten verursachen würde.
(I am more then 8 months here in the US without any perspectives and timelines.I am not allowed to work and I have to avoid anything getting me and others in any trouble.)

Ich danke allen für die wunderbare Unterstützung und kann nur sagen – es ist noch lange nicht vorrueber…
(I want to say Thank you for all the support and – there is no end in sight …)

Eine schöne Vorweihnachtszeit wünscht – a wonderful Christmas time –

Stefan Arzberger



  • william osborne says:

    Justice delayed is justice denied. The treatment of Mr. Arzberger is an outrage and makes me very angry. Ironically, if NYC were as “diligent” in dealing with its tens of thousands of serious criminals this incident would likely have never even happened.

    • Scott Fields says:

      If Mr. Arzberger is indeed innocent, I hope he gets a fair trial and is acquitted. That said, even in New York people convicted of attempted murder are considered “serious criminals.”

      I was curious and Googled the length of time between arrest and trial for felonies in the UK. The average appears to be 51 weeks, with the amount of time increasing with the seriousness of the crime.

  • Itsjtime says:

    We all know a little bit about each country we travel to for work or pleasure. For instance: I would not wear shorts to visit the Dome of the Rock and I certainly would be sure to use crosswalks in Singapore. I would also know that prostitution in America is a crime.

    The right to a fair and speedy trial is not being denied just to him. It is being denied to most everyone in NYC due to an overloaded, underfunded justice system ….having nothing to do with his guilt or innocence.

    ADVICE: If and when you go to another country, spend the 30 minutes it takes to get acquainted with that country’s laws and regulations.

    And try to screen your transvestite prostitutes before you invite them to your hotel room for a game of cards, or whatever one does with a transvestite prostitute In a hotel room in the wee hours of the morning,

    • Ross says:

      He’s not charged with anything prostitution related, right?
      They were seen together on hotel security cam. Nobody knows what business they discussed or if money changed hands. Was he caught (on cam) entering his hotel room with this person?
      He is being held on other charges. But yes, all visitors to the USA should also know that attempted murder is also illegal.
      If he was wandering a hallway naked, that should also be indecent exposure and disorderly conduct.
      I find it hard to feel sympathy for him.

  • Itsjtime says:

    I believe the defense that has been posited online is…. the known prostitute who is on camera entering and leaving his room, had “drugged” him and robbed him.
    The attempted murder and indecent exposure charges are based on video and eye witness accounts.
    He has a tough road ahead of him. He is lucky to have been granted bail. Riker’s Island is not the place you want to be held awaiting trial. He is lucky that they don’t consider him a flight risk….