Steve Jobs: ‘I play the orchestra’

Dialogue from the Michael Fassbender biopic:

Jobs (Michael Fassbender) to Steve Wozniak  (Seth Rogen): ‘I play the orchestra. And you’re a good musician. You sit right there. You’re the best in your row.’

steve jobs orchestra

The scene was shot in the orchestra pit of the San Francisco opera house.

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  • “you’re the best in your row” is what Bill Murray says to Sigourney Weaver’s cello-playing character in Ghostbusters, too.

  • GREAT! Now also put all the instances (almost daily) in which classical musicians are looked down upon, in which classical music is described as ‘the thing for nerds’, undesirable, boring, etc. if you posted one of those videos a day, you’d have enough material for around 10 years.

    One flower does not make the spring. The opinion of the masses about classical music is virtually unanimous: not for us.

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