Sicklist: Muti cancels next weekend

Sicklist: Muti cancels next weekend


norman lebrecht

November 09, 2015

Two concerts at the Liceu in Barcelona, November 13 and 15, have been called off after conductor Riccardo Muti called in sick. We wish him a swift recovery.

riccardo muti solemn


Barcelona, 9 de novembre de 2015. Riccardo Muti cancel·la els dos concerts previstos al Liceu pel 13 i 15 de novembre per problemes de salut del mestre. El Teatre està buscant noves dates per reubicar aquests dos concerts tan esperats de Muti que congreguen sobre un mateix escenari a dues orquestres tan reputades com l’Orchestra Giovanile “Luigi Cherubini” -fundada per ell mateix el 2004-, i la pròpia Orquestra del Liceu. El pianista barcelonès Ignasi Cambra també forma part d’aquest concert que inclou peces de Beethoven, Schubert i Mozart.


El concert es posposa fins a nova data, que s’emplaçarà inicialment dins d’aquesta temporada -2015/16-. Les entrades adquirides o els abonaments que incloguin qualsevol dels dos dies de concert seran vàlids per a les noves dates que el Liceu plantegi properament. Si algun dels assistents té incompatibilitats amb aquest canvi, el Teatre retornarà íntegrament l’import de l’entrada –amb les despeses de gestió incloses-, que també es podrà bescanviar per a un nou espectacle. Tots els canvis s’efectuaran a les taquilles del Teatre. Els costos de qualsevol gestió fruit d’aquest canvi seran gratuïts.



  • Olassus says:

    If they are so international, why don’t they write in SPANISH? !!!

    • David says:

      Very frequently articles are posted or linked here in other languages, so why not Catalan? I was rather pleased to see that notice included in the original language and quite disappointed at the unfortunate comments from Olassus. If this had been posted in Norwegian, with fewer speakers, would it have been similarly controversial? My instincts are tell me that we are going to be seeing an independent Catalonia, within the EU, rather soon. Everyone may need to get used to treating the native language with some measure of respect.

  • Manu says:

    In Germany you would accept a press release in German, dont you? In Catalonia, there is Catalan as official language. Everybody here knows Spanish and Catalan. No problem. It is the problem of others no making the effort to try understand it. Actuaçly it is not that difficult.
    If you go on the Liceu website you’ll find the news in English, too.

    • Olassus says:

      As you well know, it is one of three official languages and not the most useful. All Catalans speak Spanish. The opposite is not true.

      What we are seeing here at the worldly Gran Teatro del Liceo and at other Catalan institutions is a privileged and spoiled elite pushing the boundaries of the constitution graciously extended to them in 1978 by Spain as a whole.

      Support for independence has never passed 50/50 and it never will.

      If they must write in chicken scratch, let them do so in their private lives and not at the expense of Spanish (and European) taxpayers.

  • Manu says:

    I thought we were talking about use of languages, not politics. At least I was.

  • George Porter says:

    The website offers the notice in Catalan, Spanish and English.