Shock, horror: Daily Mail raids People’s Daily for musician video

Shock, horror: Daily Mail raids People’s Daily for musician video


norman lebrecht

November 30, 2015

Happiness is seeing a right-wing, Red-bashing British newspaper taking its content from the organ of the Chinese Communist Party. The story is about a ‘woman conductor’, unnamed, ‘somewhere in China’ who gets a tad over-excited at a village wedding.

Nothing to frighten the horses, but we love the incongruity. Does Lord Rothermere know he’s filling his paper with raw Communism?

Here’s the Mail rip-off. And here‘s the People’s Daily original.

woman conductor china


  • Eddie Mars says:

    It’s charming to see the Daily Wail basing a story on source material. Usually their witless hacks just make it all up – like the oafish Simon Heffer.

    It’s all on the same journalistic level as the clownish piece by Anne Applebaum that was cited over this weekend, in fact – Daily Wail journalism to a ‘tee’.

    But I suppose chavs and UKIP activists need something to read in the dole queue on Mondays, before going back to their moonlighting day-jobs. Regrettably a few regular contributors on these messageboards get their daily news dose from the Wail too.

  • RW2013 says:

    She had the same teacher as this one

  • John says:

    Say what you want about the Daily Mail, but at least they do not delete comments (like you do)!

  • Barbara says:

    What dreadful bile from Eddie Mars.