Paris Opéra chorus takes Marsellaise one stave higher

Just uploaded. Watch it to the end.
paris opera garnier

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  • Was Alagna in the middle of the first row?
    Was a little bit embarrassing to look at the lady beside him that had to read probably the words of La Marseillaise.An anthem you know by heart and sing it with all your heart .

  • @110 sorry YOU were embarrassed (and judgemental) by and of someone who chose to have printed words whilst singing. The fact is she sang and supported her colleagues and paid respect. I don’t know this woman but perhaps she’s not a French citizen?
    Less judgements please.

  • The lady in the centre using the words is the production’s Adina. As she is the Polish soprano Aleksandra Kurzak there is no reason that she should know the words of ‘La Marseilleise’ any more than she would know ‘God save the Queen’ or the ‘Star-spangled Banner’.
    As James Alexander says, the fact that she sang is more important than that she used the words.

  • She is the polish soprano Aleksandra Kurzak,the new wife of Roberto Alagna,you are right,that explains why she needed the text ,she is not French.
    Thank you all

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