Paris death toll: Universal Music mourn three staff members

Pascal Nègre, president of Universal Music France, has posted a message of mourning for three young staff members who attented the Bataclan Friday night concert in the line of duty.

The performing band were signed to Universal.


Pascal’s message:

La famille Universal Music est en deuil : Thomas , Marie, Manu . Nos pensées vont à leurs familles et à leurs amis . RIP

UPDATE: One of the victims has been named as Thomas Ayad, 34, of Mercury Records, a Universal affiliate. Marie was Marie Mosser (below).

marie mosser

Thomas was 32, Marie 24. The third Universal loss was Manu Perez (below).


manu perez


Also among the dead was a British young man, Nick Alexander, who travelled with the band selling merchandise at their venues.

The music critic Guillaume B. Decherf also lost his life.

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