New York Phil pays up to Kansas Royals

Last week, Alan Gilbert took up a bet from Michael Stern and the Kansas City Symphony over which city would win the World Series. He lost. There’s a consignment of bagels and lox on its way to KC.

And much crow being eaten in Manhattan.

Gilbert concedes defeat below.


alan gilbert

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  • Seems to me that the loser should have had to play the other city’s state song or something else of a musical nature. Or Gilbert should have to go over the KC and conduct their orchestra (a fine one, I understand).

    • I understand the NY Phil is obligated to play “Everything’s Up to Date in Kansas City” from the musical Oklahoma with Gilbert appropriately attired for the occasion. Look forward to that video.

  • Perhaps a sight quibble, but the Royals are not from Kansas; rather, they are from Kansas City, MIssouri (though close to the border between the states).

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