Major artist cancels Europe tour after Paris attacks

Major artist cancels Europe tour after Paris attacks


norman lebrecht

November 16, 2015

The pop star Prince has tweeted: ‘Due to the tragic events in Paris, the tour promoter has decided to postpone the upcoming European tour until further notice.’

He won’t be the only one.


What the world needs now is solidarity.


  • Dennis says:

    Evil would be a better description than tragic.

    Solidarity? With whom and to what end? “Solidarity” is a rather vague term to use in response to mass murder. Of course, like most Euro-liberals, Lebrecht will not name the 900 pound gorilla in the room that is the source of the problem – Islam.

    • Robert Fitzpatrick says:

      King Kong in this case is called the terrorist-jihadist. In my dark moments, I trace all this back to St-Louis and the crusades. There is enough blame to go around.

      • Dennis says:

        The Crusades have nothing to do with this. The Crusades were a reaction to Islamic imperialism to begin with (google the Battle of Manzikert)

  • Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    You’re right that he won’t be the only one and my question is “why?”

    I am waiting for someone with the courage to play the next concert au Ba-ta-clan. I’ll be there! Anyone know the origin of the name?

  • christy says:

    I agree with Madonna, who decided against cancelling because it would be giving in to terrorists and giving them what they want. They attacked Western leisure pursuits for a reason.

    • Dennis says:

      I must say I always respected U2 for not cancelling their US tour after 911. They played at Notre Dame on October 10, 2001. Amazing show.

  • Alvaro says:

    I must be dreaming: Two guitars appear in Slippedisc in less than 48 hours. Very much like the poor kids from Venezuela, the classical organization uses these guitars to leverage on their popularity, not for any other reason.

    So, if you are famous enough, Lebrecht will gladly include you in his definition of “classical music and other cultures”, but if you dedicate decades of your life to play classical music in the guitar, well…that’s not really in the scope of the blog.

    Business as usual in the classical music industry. And then we wonder why is it that the whole world doesn’t simply adopt this artform with open arms…mhh…

  • Dominic Stafford Uglow says:

    You’ll notice that it says that the Tour Promoter has decided to postpone the concerts, not Prince. I would imagine that the cost of insuring a tour by an artist like Prince (I don’t think you need to put Pop Star before his name btw) has recently gone through the roof.

    That might be the real explanation as to why it’s been pulled.