Just in: 4 in 5 violin parents don’t play the violin

Just in: 4 in 5 violin parents don’t play the violin


norman lebrecht

November 10, 2015

Press release from the 2016 Menuhin competition:

The first MENUHIN COMPETITION SURVEY reveals that 82% of the entrants’ parents do not play the violin, with over 45% of the parents never having played any musical instrument. 66% of all the applicants are female and 28% of those who applied do not own their own violin. Another interesting result was that over 50% of the Juniors (under 16s) began to learn the violin under the age of 5.

Full survey here.

Revealing, or just depressing?


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  • FreddyNYC says:

    But are of Asian descent…… ; D

  • Milka says:

    It would be interesting to discover whether they be Asian or Western, how many of these poor brain washed kids are being used as trained monkeys to gratify ( $$) ambitious parents,teachers.

  • leonard Slatkin says:

    What is interesting here is that the concept is directly related to competitions. What about those who did not take that route for a career? Bell, Hahn, Mutter, Capucon, Midori and Jansen come to mind. And of those, only a couple had a parent who played the violin. Perhaps it is more about the realization that a child has something special and gets the support of the parent.