It’s Dr. Dr. Lang Lang

dr lang lang

The pianist has been awarded an honorary doctorate by the the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing where he was harshly treated as a boy. It’s the first Hon. Dr. ever granted by the CCM, a creeping sign of bad western habits.

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  • I think it is very decent of Lang Lang not to name and shame in his autobiography the teacher who treated him so cruelly – I hope she is ashamed of herself.

  • Lang Lang has learned enough music, and knows enough about music, to fulfill the requirements for a score of performance doctorates. If only all doctoral candidates were at his level!

  • A Honorary Doctor is supposed to teach honorary students. If you are a double Honorary Doctor, you have to leach twins.

  • Give it all a rest , the truth of the matter is that in the scheme of things Lang Lang does
    not matter one bit neither does the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing .

  • After having endured a number of colleagues with doctorates over many years (and having had to rectify some of their academic stuff-ups) I’m beginning to wear my ‘Mr King’ as a badge of honour.

  • Bravo Dr. Lang Lang! You WERE inspired by this teacher! Harsh treatment from a teacher often feeds inborn genius! We LOVED your performance in Edinburgh and hope you will return to make us cry again soon!

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