In memoriam: A violinist plays Bach at European Parliament

After a minute’s silence and a (rather feeble) singing of La Marsellaise by MEPs, Vladyslava Luchenko gave a rapt account of the Adagio from J.S. Bach’s Sonata in G minor, BWV 1001.

Fast-forward to 15:00 in the video.

Luchenko, Kiev-born, is artist in residence at the Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth in Brussels. She plays the Piatti Stradiarius, on loan to her from the Michael Guttman foundation.

european parliament

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    • Agreed. But the temptation is too great to throw money at people who decry our history, legacy, and traditions from within (unwitting Fifth Column, anyone?) in the name of ‘the arts’ who are more than willing to present our collective throats to be slit by those more than happy to comply. But wait, those of us who have studied history know that wars of the past were won with flowers, candles, peace symbols, Twitter hashtags and singing sady-sad cakes dreamy hippie songs. /sarc According to this twisted Far Left logic (which has become the “establishment” today; ponder that, social justice warriors), we were no better than the Nazis by confronting them with force.

      • Er .. no? I don’t agree with his sentiments; however, I cannot agree to your twisting of his words. What he said was:

        “we were no better than the Nazis by confronting them with force.”

        Convoluted, perhaps, but nowhere there did he compare migrants to the Nazis. An apology is in order.

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