‘Fat-pack’ critic-attacked mezzo to debut at Carnegie Hall

‘Fat-pack’ critic-attacked mezzo to debut at Carnegie Hall


norman lebrecht

November 12, 2015

The young Irish mezzo Tara Erraught, who was grossly targeted by London critics for her body shape, will make her Carnegie Hall debut on December 4. Go, Tara!

Details below.

tara erraught munich

Irish mezzo-soprano Tara Erraught returns to the United States this December for series debut recitals at Celebrity Series of Boston and New York City’s Carnegie Hall, Weill Hall, following her acclaimed US opera debut with Washington National Opera in Washington, DC this past May.  The recitals also mark her official performance debuts in each city.


DECEMBER  2, 2015 at 8:00 pm

Celebrity Series of Boston, Longy’s Pickman Hall


DECEMBER 4, 2015 at 8:00 PM
Carnegie Hall (Salon Encores)
Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall, New York City, New York
Tara Erraught, mezzo-soprano
Henning Ruhe, piano
“Juchhe!,” Op. 6, No. 4
“Vergebliches Standchen”
“Wie Melodien zieht es mir”
“Meine Liebe ist grun”
“Da unten im Tale” from Deutsche Volkslieder, No. 6
“Die Mainacht”


“Die Loreley”
“Der Alpenjager” from Drei Lieder aus Wilhelm Tell
“Mein Kind, war ich Konig”
“O komm in Traum”


“Twilight Fancies”

“Love concealed”

“Blow, blow, thou winter wind”
“Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal”

“Love’s Philosophy”

“Die Nacht”
(Please refer to links below for recital program order.)
The recitals follow autumn performances in the singer’s native country: in September Ms. Erraught served as one of 11 honorary ambassadors and performed at RTE Arena in Meeting House Square for Ireland’s Culture Night 2015, a significant national all-island cultural event involving over 900 venues throughout Ireland celebrating culture, creativity and the arts; she then made her recital debut in October at Wexford Festival, and in November gave recitals at Dublin’s National Concert Hall, and Music For Galway (series debut).
This autumn Ms. Erraught also made her debut with the Sonderjyllands Symfoniorkester (South Denmark Philharmonic), appeared in recital at the United Kingdom’s Wigmore Hall, and sang the role of Rosina in performances of Rossini’s Il Barbiere di Siviglia with Bayerische Staatsoper, where she has been a resident principal soloist since 2010. Also with Bayerische, she will sing the role of Despina in Mozart’s Cosi fan Tutte  in late November prior to traveling to the US.


  • Hanna Nahan says:

    What kind of a stupid bloody headline is that? Why show support for her against the ‘gross’ critics and then make exactly the same cheap insulting jibes yourself? FFS

  • DLowe says:

    How you can lambast the critics and then use that headline is beyond me. Perhaps you could do her the kindness of not referring constantly to an incident she would probably rather put behind her. This has done you no credit.

  • G. Kunde says:

    I have to agree Norman…
    What the hell is that headline!?!?
    Can we please get past this!!!!
    Perhaps just focus on her career??
    Please post an apology. At the University of Missouri or Yale you’d be asked to resign.

  • Neven P. says:

    My sincere apologies to Ms. Erraught. A real man would have never written such a headline. NL is an awful and tasteless person, but we already know that.

    • norman lebrecht says:

      In that case, why do you visit my site so often? Please go away, Mr Profozic. You are unwelcome here.

      • Neven P. says:

        Will never come back, I promise. Goodbye!

      • Max Grimm says:

        “Rules When posting on Slipped Disc, please observe the following simple rules: 1 No abuse 2 No defamation 3 No personal attacks. 4 You may post anonymously or under a pseudonym, but only under one name.” (slippedisc.com/about-3/)

        ….so much for that!

        • norman lebrecht says:

          And your problem is?

          • Max Grimm says:

            I wouldn’t call it a problem, I merely find it contradictory to offer posters the option of remaining anonymous and then openly posting their surnames, obtained I presume from their e-mail address.
            With all due respect Norman, at times you do react with an unbecoming heated indignation at brazen or insolent posts.

          • John says:

            If Lebrecht has posted your identity in such a public forum, you are perfectly entitled to consider legal action. Yet another disgusting action by Lebrecht, who has abused the private details of users of this website.

    • FreddyNYC says:

      How else to vent anger at the world when you have one foot in the grave…..?

  • norman lebrecht says:

    ‘Poor’ Tara has never complained. Nor has her agent. We led the support for her throughout this horrible episode.

  • George S-W says:

    Another day, another Google result that will link Erraught’s name with insults about her body rather than the glowing praise her singing deserves. Take some responsibility.

  • Gianmaria says:

    I personally do not see what all this hatred against the headline is about. The ‘insult’ is in clear quotes evoking the tone of the articles appeared in the newspapers a few months ago and whomever read the previous posts on this subject of this blog can see that NL was always against the infamous critics for their unprofessional comments.
    I think we’re getting a bit away from the topic of the post, which is to sort of throw in the face of those critics that, regardless of her weight and of what they might think of it, Ms Erraught is doing pretty well.

  • Mark Henriksen says:

    Rat Pack, Brat Pack, Fat Pack…funny. Is this the first appearance of “Fat Pack”?

  • John says:

    I saw her recital in Ann Arbor, Michigan a few years ago. She possesses a gorgeous instrument with incredible control and artistry. New York is in for a treat.

  • Sarah Daniel says:

    Just watch and listen and pay attention, that’s all.

  • Aaron says:

    The elephant in the room about this whole situation is that Erraught is really just not that great of a singer. Regardless of how fat or thin she is, her voice is just sort of average. She’s far from the worst singer in the world, but it’s odd that such a hubbub is made over someone whose voice is nothing to write home about.

    • Sarah Daniel says:

      As I said, just watch and listen and pay attention — to the voice, to what the reviewers actually say*, to the whole hubbub. A very interesting cultural phenomenon. *Some of the original reviews that seem to have sparked all this are no longer available to read; they were quite interesting.

    • William Safford says:

      That opinion is relevant to discussion about musical matters, but is irrelevant as far as the fat-shaming that she received is concerned.

      I have never heard her sing, so I have no opinion about her voice.

      • Sarah Daniel says:

        Here is a great sample of Tara Erraught’s singing, from 21 April 2016, at Wigmore Hall. Find her at locations 2:14:44 and again at 3:09:55. (She seems to be a person who gains and loses weight, so may be at a different size any time you might see her, never a whale, so yes, ‘fat-shaming’ is lousy stuff. However, all of that began when individual critics saw and heard her sing, so I think it’s worthwhile to see and hear her.) https://youtu.be/hI–GxibbIw