Cellist apologises for failing to sign CDs

Cellist apologises for failing to sign CDs


norman lebrecht

November 27, 2015

The German-Canadian soloist Johannes Moser has issued a video apology to some 30-odd fans who were left queueing in vain for his autograph at the Royal Festival Hall while he, unwawares, was taken off to dinner.

Watch Johannes’s unqualified apology here.

johannes moser


  • Halldor says:

    I feel sorry for Johannes, who is one of the good guys. I doubt this was his fault and he’s probably mortified. Since the chain of communication for organising something like this is probably CD label – venue – orchestra marketing dept – orchestra manager – agent – assistant artist manager – artist, its not surprising that links occasionally snap. I once had to ad lib an entire 30 minute pre-concert talk when the eminent conductor whom I was supposed to be interviewing clean forgot to look at his diary and vanished off the face of the earth.