An organ that is played by the sea

At Zadar in Croatia, architect Nikola Bašić has consttructed an organ that is played by the sea.

Just listen here.

zadar organ

It’s an unearthly beauty.

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  • I’m happy to see that one of the most original and beautiful things from my country reached the world. Never mind that it took 10 years.
    What makes the experience even more special on the site is to feel the vibrations both of the waves and of the sounds.
    And special thanks, Norman, for correct spelling Mr. Bašić’s family name, including both specific letter in it.

  • Thank you Norman! I guess you were not able to find any racy letters by dead composers, Santa Clause chocolates resembling parts of human anatomy or videos of Lang Lang playing accordion with his toes, so you had to opt for something of substance.

    Good work Slipped Disc!

    • I am surprised that nobody came up yet with the idea of using this beautiful instrument to help Syrian refugees. I suggest that Slipped Disc take up the initiative. You can do it Norman!

    • And if you could just connect the sea organ to any trace of sexism, racism, anti-antisemitism, classical music snobbery or global capitalism, I am sure that you would soon have more than 50 responses to the post!

  • The Adriatic sea’s aesthetic is strongly influenced by American minimal music, rather than Debussy’s “La Mer”, which is a little bit disappointing.

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