A cellist and a flutist are numbered among the Paris dead

Elsa Delplace and her mother, Patricia, died on Friday inside the Bataclan. Elsa, friends told Le Point, ‘played the cello brilliantly’.

Elsa’s son Louis, who was with her at the concert, was found later in Vincennes hospital, covered in his mother’s blood.


We learn also of the death of Marion Petard-Lieffrig, 30 (l.),  a flute pupil of Michel Rousseau at the conservatoires of Orléans and Paris. Marion was murdered with her sister Anna, 24 at the restaurant, Le Petit Cambodge.

This atrocity just gets worse and worse.



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    • Agreed. and a grocery bagger or a cleaner or a jock or a CEO is just as important. Odds were always high that in a group as large as that killed by these thugs the other night there would be musicians or people who played instruments. They are all someone’s children, parents, siblings, cousins, friends. The losses are not differentiated.

      • True. However, to be fair, this is a music blog, so it is relevant to us musicians and music-lovers.

        I can picture a bicycle blog lamenting the deaths of bicyclists, or a photography blog mourning the deaths of photographers, etc. This is not to deprecate the importance of anyone else.

  • That poor little boy, whom I read was only five years old. I pray that he will remember his mother and grandmother, but that the horror in which they were taken from him fades from his young mind…

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