Watch the two tenors (one ex)

Watch the two tenors (one ex)


norman lebrecht

October 11, 2015

A fun duet, newly uploaded, by Jonas Kaufmann and Placido Domingo.


jonas kaufmann placido domingo


h/t: Basia Jaworski


  • Rosana Martins says:

    Thank you for posting!

  • Peter Freeman says:

    Where was that, and when please? The looks on the faces of the audience convey unanimous admiration and pleasure, and so they should. Pure sportsmanship!

  • Milka says:

    It’s bad enough we had the three tenors now we have the dreadful two.
    How we debase the art to please an empty headed audience.

    • Anne says:

      You really are a misery, aren’t you?

    • Derek Castle says:

      Milka, for once I agree with you. I recognised Tommy Gottschalk from German TV, so it’s probably an upper class X-Factor. PD a lovely man, but surely it’s time for someone to tell him, very gently, that, like Bruce Forsyth, it’s time to go.

    • Caroline Zoob says:

      Perhaps I am empty headed but I found this both charming and touching. How privileged we are to hear even a note, even a tired or croaky note, from Placido Domingo, and as long as he is happy to get up and sing (and in my view with great charm and style) I am thrilled to hear him. Yes, I have heard him in his glory days, and in his more recent baritone years, but I love to see him and hear that once-in-a-century voice, however tired. I saw Menuhin play the Tchaikovsky Violin concerto when he must have been in his 70s, and while the intonation was a bit off here and there, the sound he conjured from that violin still rings in my ears and I count myself fortunate to have heard it. I think Milka should get back in her box on this one. There is huge sentiment involved in hearing/watching great performers even when they are past their best and the years of pleasure and delight they have given us earns them the right to continue to perform without having to encounter unkind criticism like this. Knowing how much Domingo helped Jonas rebuild his voice and that they are friends only added to the charm of the occasion. Have a heart Milka!

      • Milka says:

        Milka does have a heart for the composers who wrote these lovely works for artists such as Tauber , Kiepura, Eggerth etc .who sang them without the clowning around for a dim
        witted audience.Wasn’t it bad enough with the three tenors ?Quite a road downhill from the great Flagstad farewell to this low music hall exchange. Respect the music and don’t play it down to an ignorant audience .Domingo had his day,can’t he let go with dignity rather than
        have people say “at last he’s gone ” . The Menuhin decline was not only due to age but
        other serious factors.He should have earlier and finally stopped playing .His was a great exception considering his place in violin history.
        It all comes down to what some people call “class” ,you got it or you don’t.

    • dan reed says:

      Mr. Lewis, the audience seems to disagree with you. I guess your infinite wisdom is greater than their collective enjoyment. Perhaps it’s time for you to re-evaluate your criticisms.

  • Harold Lewis says:

    Milka lacks the mental agility ever to win a gold medal in a trolling competition, but she might score at least beta minus for effort. I wonder if SD’s most informed and valued contributor knows the meaning of ‘curmudgeonly’.

    • Milka says:

      The power of accurate observation is oft derided by those who have not got it.
      look up the word aspire – Marta Eggerth in her 80s sang with more charm and artistry
      than these two clowns .

      • M2N2K says:

        It is certainly true that PD is past his prime but JK is still within his, and in any case this one claim alone is enough to confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt: milka is musically deaf.

        • Milka says:

          I think you mean tone deaf if anything you write has any meaning .

          • M2N2K says:

            In this case I meant exactly what I wrote – musically deaf – which is a more profound and comprehensive affliction than being merely tone deaf.

  • Zenaida says:

    This took place in Munich’s lovely Cuvillie Theater in July 2015. It was within the framework of a gala fundraiser for the organization SOS Children’s Villages. Lots of “Promis” – prominent guests – such as Prince Albert of Monaco and his Princess Charlene, actors, etc. celebrating themselves. Televised nationwide on a private channel called “Romance TV” and celebrated ad nauseum in the yellow press, it did raise major funds for a good cause.

    • Lee says:

      Thank you for this. Nice to know we still are relevant enough to do some good in this in world. Look, I know Domingo is “old”, but does anyone else hear the remarkable difference in pure presence between the two voices?

  • Karen says:

    Bravo for talent and heart. Sing on PD!!!