Watch: Page turner saves sonata from sudden death

Watch: Page turner saves sonata from sudden death


norman lebrecht

October 09, 2015

Things got a bit out of hand at the Sendesaal Bremen, where Christian Tetzlaff and Lars Vogt had their pages fly off the stands. Not one of them. Both. Twice in a minute.

The saviour of the night was page-turner Anna Reszniak, normally concertmaster of the Nuremburg Symphony, who kept a cool head when two maestros were losing theirs. Just watch.

Anna richly deserved her curtain call.

anna rezsniak

h/t: Jessica Duchen’s blog.


  • Jorge Grundman says:

    Marvelous work Anna!

  • Simon Evnine says:

    Wonderful – first time I’ve even seen the page turner taking applause.

    Thanks for posting

  • qwerty1234 says:

    lol @ the article title but unbelievable playing (x2) and unbelievable recovery (x2).

  • Jean Haas says:

    It was my everyday life at 16 – 18 years, when I spend my summer holidays at Festival de l’Orangerie de Sceaux, near Paris, founded by my wonderful teacher Alfred Loewenguth. I remember some burlesk episodes with some pages IN the piano…

  • Dave T says:

    Nice save. But I wouldn’t think that seasoned musicians such as these should even need a score for this repertoire.

    • cornelis says:

      that’s true, renowned musicians as these two gentleman dont “use” a score….happy Anna was near…

    • M2N2K says:

      Evidently, dave t, you would be wrong. Musicians of any renown do, more often than not, use scores when performing chamber music.

  • Heinrich says:

    Tetzlaff is quite the showman – he must have relished the moment…..

  • RW2013 says:

    Last season in Berlin Tetzlaff broke a string in the middle of the Szymanowski first concerto and, without missing a note, exchanged instruments with the concertmaster in such a spectacular manner, that it could have been rehearsed.

  • Peter Lovett says:

    Excellent work & a thoroughly well deserved curtain call indeed.