Rare video: Leonard Bernstein presents Yo Yo Ma, aged 7, to President Kennedy

Those present on November 29, 1962 were, in addition to President and Mrs. Kennedy, former President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Leonard Bernstein, Marian Anderson, Van Cliburn, Robert Frost, Fredric March, Benny Goodman and Bob Newhart.

yo yo ma, aged 7

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      • He sounds like exactly what he is in this video: an extremely talented cellist for age 7. Tight vibrato, simple bow distribution solutions, etc. Artistry level would require quite a few more years of training. He certainly figured that out and more…

    • “did Bernstein have to keep hugging the young girl?”

      Not to worry, given all we know about Lenny, I would’ve worried if he had hugged the young Yo Yo Ma a bit too long.

  • Im reminded of a clip Norman posted recently of a youngster and the responses decrying ‘exploitation’ of talented kids by their parents. Ha! YoYo seemed to grow up just fine and we are all the better for his wonderful talent. Thanks for posting this. Despite the lousy sound, it was great to view.

  • Delightfully charming! Reminds me of my twin daughters when they were that age, on viola and cello. At 10 they chose gymnastics over music ūüôā They’re still delightful and charming at nearly 30 yo.

  • Better times–when classical music was not barred, I suppose out of the mistaken belief that it’s “elitist,” from the White House as it has been during the eight years of Barrack Obama’s Presidency.

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