Piano teacher is arrested in Florida over ‘sexual’ breastfeeding video

Piano teacher is arrested in Florida over ‘sexual’ breastfeeding video


norman lebrecht

October 15, 2015

Leigh Felten, 31, of Tallahassee, Florida, is being held in Leon County jail over a video in which she is alleged to pour oil over herself and her baby as she breast-fed.

leigh felten1


Police said: ‘Based on the content, and the fact it is being sold by Felten, it is clear this video is for sexual purposes.’

leigh felten

Beyond all comprehension.


  • John Kelly says:

    Norman, you’ve outdone yourself with this one. Next step…………National Enquirer……..

  • Rosana Martins says:

    I have long been convinced that a good portion of the world is crazy.

  • jaypee says:

    Had she used a gun and killed someone instead, she’d be a hero.
    In the USA, guns don’t kill, but breasts obviously do…

    • Jevgeniy says:

      What in God’s name is that supposed to mean?

      • El Grillo says:

        Hint: it’s sarcastic. Breasts have yet to be classified as a deadly weapon, nor are they considered a part of the body that has the ability to do harm.

        • Madison says:

          It wasn’t just becuase she showed her boobs. Read other reports. She oiled the baby and molested it so shut your mouth

          • El Grillo says:

            I’m not interested in seeing that this kind of aggravated condemning is even what you would say it is.

            I’m supposed to be interested in seeing this video now, to see whether it even adds up for whoever makes such stuff: corporate media, more lies, aggravated visual assault, and then media reports that put no stop to it (and who is supposed to shut what: no I don’t have contacts doing what this woman is reported to do, nor gaining momentum from not stopping it from continuing) the who knows who is what it is when someone who gets paid to report such stuff, that is thrilled you try to make your fingers do some work!?

      • jaypee says:

        “Guns don’t kill” is the mantra of NRA members and other ammosexuals. Basically, “stuff happens” and nothing will ever change in the good old USA concerning the gun situation. On the other hand, when the slightest bit of skin is exposed, the very same people go bezerk (Janet Jackson anyone?). Obviously, for these people, breasts are considered immoral and dangerous while guns are OK.
        Hence my conclusion: guns don’t kill but obviously, breasts do.

  • Prewartreasure says:


    Not in the slightest.

  • Itsjtime says:

    …. Such closed minded people!!!!
    Let’s not be soooo incredibly prejudiced.
    If somebody wants to make a lubricated breast feeding porno, so be it, somebody will get off on it… And it’s a free country, man!

  • Victor says:

    You write, “it’s a free country”. No, the problem is that it’s not a free country and a woman is now in prison!

  • Furzwängler says:

    But isn’t she pretty, though? I wonder…..

  • Una says:

    A bunch of men again talking … apart from Rosana perhaps … yes, crazy …

    • El Grillo says:

      I have no idea what would make you think I’m a man, or even male for that matter. As if I’m chirping away with some concerto like all of us “male” crickets do!