Major opera house on strike tonight

Major opera house on strike tonight


norman lebrecht

October 22, 2015

The Liceu in Barcelona is being picketed by its musicians over unpaid wages from 2013

The company, which has been severely reduced in the Spanish economic crisis, faces threats of privatisation.


Here’s the union statement:

CONVOCADA HUELGA EN EL LICEU Y CANTADA EN LA PUERTA DEL TEATRO. Esta tarde a las 19:30, todos los trabajadores del Gran Teatre del Liceu (orquesta, coro, personal de escenario y administración) cantarán “Va Pensiero” en la puerta del teatro, antes de la última función de “Nabucco”, en defensa de salarios y convenios, y contra la privatización de la Cultura.
Salarios atrasados desde 2013 son causa de una convocatoria de huelga que prevé paros en todas las funciones de “Benvenuto Cellini”.


  • Frano says:

    It wasn’t a strike last night (Thursday, 22nd of October). The last representation of “Nabucco” took place as scheduled; the singing of “Va, pensiero” in front of the main entrance of the theater half an hour before the performance (7:30 p.m.) was an act of claim, not a strike.
    I am double bass player in the Orchestra of Liceu with a temporary contract, playing in this production of “Nabucco”.

  • Suzana Stefanovic says:

    Also, AMPOS is not an union, but rather the Asotiation of Profesional Symphonic Orchestra Musicians, and their statement announces the protest act – singing “Va pensiero” in front of the theatre and future strikes for the “Benvenuto Cellini” production unless owed salaries from 2013 are paid.

  • Carmen says:

    Guys, with all respect to the situation, “HUELGA” is the term AMPOS used in the press release. That’s a strike.

    Maybe it was a protest, a strike without a work stoppage, but if AMPOS calls it a huelga and you don’t agree that it was, you need to take it up with them.

  • David says:

    They just picketed from unpaid wages from 2013?? What has been happening all this time? I think these musicians need some new union leaders.