Musicians mourn favourite hotel manager

Those of us who travel a lot can never be sure of the welcome that awaits on arrival – or what’s left of us after the airlines and airports have ruined our day.

Every once in a while, there is someone who greets us with a hug and a hot drink.

Musicians the world over regret the passing of Uli Schirmer, manager of the Munich Palace Hotel. Here’s a message from the pianist Igor Levit, and others:


uli schirmer

Dear friends, dear colleagues, yesterday a wonderful human being, a magnificent man, a closest friend passed away after a long illness. Uli Schirmer was a real Mensch. It’s an incredible loss. As director of the Munich Palace Hotel he supported artists like a father. As a true music lover he was part of all of our life’s…To mourn a close friend like him is an indescribable loss. A very sad day…I can’t tell how much I will miss him.Some tears may help…
Rest in peace,dearest Uli.

Michael Schade Dee McKee Christiane KargAnselm Cybinski Florian Ganslmeier Stephan J. Schlößer Michael JondralNicolaus Schreyer Alis Schlößer Henriette Kaiser

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