Music producer is shot dead in Brooklyn, near BAM

Eric McKinney was shot ‘multiple times’ while driving his car near the Brooklyn Academy of Music.


Stay safe out there.

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  • That sounds terrible.
    Is this an anecdote to remind us that we should be thankful that the percentage of classical musicians murdered is miniscule compared to that of hip hop poducers/musicians?
    Or is this about the perils of driving near concert venues?

    • According to the Centers for Disease Information, of the 30,000 “killed by gun violence”, 20,000 were suicides. About 11,000 people were homicide victims. To put it in perspective, nearly 29,000 people died as a result of falls.

      This story sounds like one about a gangsta hit, something fortunately not very common in the classical music sector.

      • This is a foolish statement. He was not a “gangsta”, and just because he was a music producer in “hip-hop” does not mean his death was a part of a “gangsta hit” either. White children die in schools. “Gangsta hit” or no? SMH. Acts of HATE is what they all are. He was a loving father and friend, with an infectious smile. but you don’t see his value because he was a “gangsta”. Well, you are wrong.

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