Munich orchestra sticks it to Berlin Phil

petrenko munich


Says it all. See here.

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  • So what.
    H v Karajan was Chief conductor of the Berlin Phil, Artistic director of the Salzburg Festspiele and Artistic Director of the Vienna State Opera all at the same time for several years.

  • To summarise:

    2016-18: Rattle chief in Berlin, Petrenko chief in Munich and guest conductor in Berlin.
    2018/19: no chief in Berlin, Petrenko chief in Munich and guest in Berlin.
    2019/20: Petrenko chief in Berlin and Munich.
    2020/21: Petrenko chief in Berlin and guest conductor in Munich. Probably no chief in Munich.
    2021ff: Petrenko chief in Berlin. Chief in Munich tba.


    To me, this looks like a reasonable compromise that satisfies the interests of all sides involved. And why should Munich refrain from expressing their satisfaction with this? Can’t see why this should mean they were sticking it to Berlin?

    But yeah, Berlin would certainly be better off if they had followed the advice to form a “Grand Coalition” with Thielemann and Nelsons!

    (Disclaimer: My last sentence may contain irony.)

  • Breaking! A conductor conducts!
    Of course, as you know, the real strain on a conductor is guest conducting. If Petrenko cuts down on guesting, there is no problem in him having two jobs in parallel, especially given that they are geographically close.

    A fabricated story, again.

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