Met soprano will sing at Carnegie Hall after running NY marathon

Susanna Phillips will sing the national anthem before running the New York marathon today.

That’s the easy part.

Tomorrow night she’s down to sing Juraj Filas’s Requiem at Carnegie Hall.

No time to catch her breath.

susanna phillips

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  • Good for her, but can we please retire the term “Met Soprano” (or “Met any type of voice”) at least on this blog? I guess it means she has sung a solo role at the MET at some point (presumably recently), and I understand its marketing value. But singers perform all over the place and we don’t call singers “Bastille Sopranos,” “Semper Opera Sopranos,” etc., so such a title only makes sense for someone who might actually be a resident singer at an opera house, which I don’t think occurs much anymore.

  • I agree with you, but it’s a habit hard to break. Every person who sang one performance of Giuseppe in Traviata bills themself as a Met singer for the rest of their life. It’s really a hit of a joke. Ms. Phillips is legitimate in this regard, however. I hope her part in the requiem is easy!

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