Just in: Divisive maestro withdraws

Just in: Divisive maestro withdraws


norman lebrecht

October 28, 2015

The Brazilian media are reporting that Roberto Minczuk’s contract as principal conduct0r of the Brazil Symphony Orchestra (OSB) has ended. He will be known as conductor emeritus and a successor will be announced next year.

Minczuk aroused international attention four years ago when he dismissed 33 players from the orchestra and called international auditions to replace them.

The auditions were subjected to a boycott and Minczuk had to back down, but his authority was shaken and the OSB has never fulfilled its promise.




  • NYMike says:

    Good riddance to this jerk!

  • Ross says:

    Some things can only have been decided by the wealthiest and most powerful board members.
    I’ve seen Minczuk, Gelb, and Henson get bashed for decisions that they could not possibly have been responsible for. I suppose it would be a slippery slope for musicians, media, and the public to bash billionaire board members who are providing millions to make arts institutions possible for their community.

  • Marek Wojtek says:

    The truth is the Brazil Symphony Orchestra (OSB) has ended as well, I guess it was only alive due to Minczuk’s efforts to get the funds coming. With him gone, the whole thing collapsed, especially after the Olympics, money and support went to the space….