It’s Kansas City Symphony vs New York Philharmonic

It’s Kansas City Symphony vs New York Philharmonic


norman lebrecht

October 27, 2015

It’s the World Series showdown.

KC music director Michael Stern has flung down a challenge to Alan Gilbert and the NY Phil.

Place your bets now.

Oh, a picture from the KC Royals subs bench.

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  • CDH says:

    Great stuff. I can’t remember what we made Ted Turner stump up the year our Blue Jays creamed them in the World Series. But intercity challenges like this a re a wonderful tradition. Nice to see classical music get into the act.

  • Robin Mitchell-Boyask says:

    And that would be a bet between two Curtis alums, who, presumably would both be happier if the Phillies were in the WS %)

    btw, Stern’s success with the KC Symphony really should get more attention.

  • Jeremy says:

    He did it last year too.

  • Joyce DiDonato says:

    Michael Stern has been a TREMENDOUS gift to the KC Symphony, and hence, to our wonderful city, as well. After the years of growth and dedication, they deserve a place in the international spotlight. The Symphony has been an vibrant and integral part to KC’s rise in culture and civic pride, something to be treasured. In my humble opinion, it’s a key factor to an arts organization’s survival: becoming an indispensable, active component of a city’s day to day life. Yep – I couldn’t be more proud!