In mid-concert, concertmaster gets married

In mid-concert, concertmaster gets married


norman lebrecht

October 11, 2015

Congratulations to two Philadelphia players – first violinist Rachael Matthey and Philly Pops concertmaster Michael Ludwig – who put the intermission of their Saturday afternoon concert at Kimmel Center to good use by getting the mayor to marry them in front of an audience of 2,000. More here.


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  • Beckmesser says:

    Did their families have to buy tickets to the concert?

  • Alvaro says:

    So, what’s the bombshell of the POPS orchestra doing marrying a nerdy violinist that cant even utter 3 words correctly and is probably the same age as her dad?

    Mhhhhhhh….either he’s the luckiest man in the world (and I mean, the WORLD, in the last century or so) or something doesn’t add up. Doesn’t smell like real ‘Love’….more like: promotion? 😉

    Terribly missed opportunity for a witty title for these news. So disappointed.

    • Rachael Ludwig says:

      To Alvaro,

      Your words are quite judgmental regarding people whom you aren’t even acquainted with. I find it a bit sexist to label a professional violinist a “bombshell”, when I have worked on finely honing my craft my entire life, and resent being labeled based solely on looks. If my husband is a “nerd”, he is the most handsome, most loving, most compassionate, most intelligent, kindest and sensitive “nerd” I know. He has been my best friend and truest love for more than six years, and I am honored to be his wife. It is I who is the luckiest woman in the world to be by his side.

      I have found that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who share in your happiness and joy, and those who try to stomp on it. Michael and I consider ourselves very fortunate to have all of our family, friends, and colleagues rallying around us and sharing in our special time.

      I truly wish that within your lifetime you are able to experience for yourself a glimmer of the kind of love that Michael and I share.

      Best wishes to you on your journey,

      Rachael Ludwig

  • Brian Hughes says:

    No comparison at all to Percy Grainger’s wedding at the Hollywood Bowl!

  • Terry says:

    This is a very unkind post from Alvaro. We were at the wedding and felt like invited guest. We have a special place in our heart for this couple and are so thrilled that they are now about to become new parents. Congratulations. We did not see Rachael playing the violin, last Sunday at the Beatles concert, but though that the viola player was she. ,as she was also pregnant . Were we right?