Hear the sound of the 3-D printed violin

It costs $65.

It’s called progress.

It’s horrible.

3d violin

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  • What about the possibilities of providing these inexpensive instruments to children in developing countries so that they don’t have to cobble together an orchestra out of garbage?

    • It actually costs c. $450 (unless you have your own 3D printer already), and then you have to put it together/add strings/buy a bow etc. I don’t think it’s stealing the Skylark market any time soon (fingerboard is too short for it to be anything other than a beginner violin), but it doesn’t honestly sound much worse than any other beginner instrument.

  • I think it’d be a great way to compare the finest violins in the world, by scanning them and reproducing them, to see what difference form itself makes. If none, then that means it’s the varnish or the wood that makes the difference. There are also a lot of theories about the placement of holes and sound posts, thickness of parts, etc., a printer can easily alter any number of variables and test each.

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