German singer shares home with 6 Syrian refugees

German singer shares home with 6 Syrian refugees


norman lebrecht

October 15, 2015

Sarah Connor, a successful Universal artist, has taken in a mother from Aleppo with her five children.

‘I don’t presume to be a role model,’ Sarah texted to German media. ‘I understand that not everyone can absorb refugees. ‘But what everyone can give is bit of warmth, closeness, comfort and love – and without fear.’



  • Sam McElroy says:

    The most important story ever published on these pages. I mean it. If art is about anything, it is about our collective expression of what it means to be human. In recent years we have shattered walls in the middle-east and created free flows of perverse ideas and human misery that we can not expect only to flow in one direction. We have to deal with it. These people deserve the improvised, spontaneous, human compassion of the world’s citizens, whose governments have failed so colossally.

    Yes, you are a role model, Ms. Connor…

    • El Grillo says:

      very beautifully written, Sam

      I never heard of Sarah Connor, and wouldn’t have gone to youtube to check out her art if it weren’t for your post. And I would have missed it.

      Hadn’t even listened to any German pop music since so long ago, it was when 99 luftballons was on the TV in The Netherlands all the time.

      That song has kind of the same story….

  • Respect says:

    It would be the most important article, except for the need to have a press release. Millions do acts of charity without the need to use it as a career networking opportunity. However, she’s certainly deserving of great karma for her actions and involvement.

    • Neven P. says:

      Great karma will undoubtedly manifest through the invitation to join a new reality show or return as a judge to the German version of X-Factor.

    • John Borstlap says:

      People who are known in public space can act as role models, and this is just such an opportunity to inspire other people.

      • Neven P. says:

        One of our “role model’s” albums was titled “Sexy as Hell.” It is curious that Ms. Connor does not seem to realize that the crowd she is supporting would most likely prefer to see her stoned to death or at least whipped with 100 leashes in public for spreading obscenity.

        • MacroV says:

          She is not supporting a “crowd;” she took in a mother and five children who fled a horrible war – from a country with six million internally displaced persons, 4 million external refugees, 200,000+ dead. Not much of an exaggeration to call it a modern-day Holocaust. And hopefully my being public about it she will encourage others to show a similar type of charity and humanity; though evidently it has fallen on at least one set of deaf ears.

          • Neven P. says:

            Once a person reaches the area out of the war-zone, he or she loses the refugee status. So please start calling things as they are. Your comparison with Holocaust is ridiculous and an offense to Jewish people.

            Would this mother of five be any less safe in Ankara than in Berlin? Of course not. But in Turkey she would not be receiving her monthly EUR 500 benefit payment for each child.

            What we are seeing is a planned Islamization of Europe. How else can you explain the fact that Saudi Arabia has accepted no refugees so far, but has financed the construction of over 100 mosques in Germany?

          • El Grillo says:

            With your logic, transposed to WW2, for this woman to take in German Jews that were refuge’s from Germany, she would be supporting the “German crowd” in reference to Hitler rather than anyone running away from that.

            THAT is insulting to the holocaust and Jews!

            You also stereotype Islam. I think there have been more than one religion ever running a crusade. The major countries that have been exploiting Middle East resources, waging war there, and keeping it destabilized have been countries that would say their predominant Religion is Christian, although that is as little Christian as what you are referring to as Islam.

            I’m not excusing Saudi Arabia for not taking in refuge’s, but that’s not what this story is about.

          • Neven P. says:

            This is the story of an untalented pop-singer performing a publicity stunt. Apparently, this season Syrian refugees are in and African babies are out.

            I will not go into the debate about the Middle Eastern politics and history here. I will just say that Europeans do not owe them anything. For every Western war and “crusade”, there has been an even crueler one waged by the Ottomans, Arabs and the rest of the merry folk under the Mohammedan flag.

            For anybody thinking that I am cynical and heartless, just imagine how Christian refugees would be treated in any country in the Middle East. For God’s sake, just look at how they treat their own.

            And yes, Islam is a violent and intolerant religion. This is not a prejudice. Certain religious leaders in Germany and UK are openly calling for the overthrow of liberal democracy. And nobody can’t touch them because they are protected by the same democracy they despise.

          • Neven P. says:

            Concerning your first sentence, how can the German Jews at the same time be: 1) refugees from Germany 2) be adopted by a German woman living in Germany. The two premises negate each other.

            Somebody has apparently been asleep during the logic class in high school (if it was ever taken at all).

          • El Grillo says:

            Neven with your response about whether German Jews fleeing from Hitler and being taken in by a German women (which would have been great if this had been possible) and then stating these thing negate each other; you make it clear you’re not interested in a decent debate, or in logic.

            It’s apparently way to clear that the comparison is with two different areas of oppression and two different time periods, people during WW2 moving out of oppression in Germany to another place or country (if that was possible to find refuge in Germany, that would have been helpful too, but this doesn’t seem to be the case; the singer mentioned also, is not part of a Germany with Hitler as a leader); and in THESE TIMES people from the middle East moving to Germany (Germany isn’t the middle east, people are moving FROM the middle east not out of Germany, back to it).

            And I think you know all that, you’re just corrupting what’s being said to fabricate an argument, when there is none.

            The same kind of warped “logic” says ” Islam is a violent and intolerant religion” when it is, as I have mentioned already, the countries calling themselves Christian that are the ones who have waged wars in the Middle East to keeping it destabilized. It is also the countries calling themselves Christian and the institution calling itself Christian (the Catholic Church) that stated that indigenous people’s all over the planet were lesser humans and to be enslaved and indoctrinated causing the whole wave of colonialism many countries are still suffering from in regards their economy. The United States with it’s recent wars (under false pretences in Iraq) has caused more destabilization than anything else in the middle East. They (the USA) also knew that a whole sort of Caliph could emerge in the area where ISIS has emerged, would the US support Rebels against Syria, but they allowed this to happen. Inside both Christianity and Islam there are factions that are completely non-violent, and wouldn’t support any war. This then, you probably would have a problem with as well, although those ARE true expressions of either religion.

            Further more, there’s another point. There’s quite an amount of conspiracy that it was the Jewish bankers that funded Hitler and WW2 (in fact, if the Rothschilds would be seen to be Jews, which is debatable, there’s ample evidence this is the case) and that they, or whoever such conspiracy theories are about, staged WW2 as an excuse for the Jews to go back to Israel (or perhaps the US, or colonize space or take over Heaven depending on whether it’s exothermic or endothermic); that’s the same kind of logic denoting expansionism you spout for the Islamification of Europe. By that logic anyone again helping the Jews during WW2 would have been contributing to an expansionist “Jewish” movement. I on the other hand think it is completely appropriate to have helped Jews during WW2, as it is what this woman is doing.

            My parents family helped to hide Jews during WW2, I’m sure there were MANY people who had the same kind of criticism against what they did as you have against what Sarah Connor has done.

          • El Grillo says:

            Sorry I misrepresented something:


            it is, as I have mentioned already, the countries calling themselves Christian that are the ones who have waged wars in the Middle East to keeping it destabilized.”

            Those countries don’t call themselves Christian, it is that they are predominately Christian, and most politicians there state they are of that religion.

            It was also the US that with its project Ajax that caused Mossadegh to be deposed, which destabilized Iran, and it was England that asked them to, so they could get cheaper oil.

            From there everything snowballed. The US also, at first hired Osama Bin Laden as a CIA operative against the Russians in Afghanistan, and this is how Al Quaeda got started which was first a data base of people Osama worked with for the USA. And Saddam Hussein was first an Ally of the US against Iran, as well. And now we have the US knowing that in an already destabilized area full of radical extremism, that a whole sort of caliph can emerge exactly where ISIS did, would they being support rebel activity, and indeed something does emerge in that area, and we have ISIS.

            You could say this is all characteristic of “Islam,” but by the same logic colonialism from Europe inspired by “Christianity” would make all of that characteristic of “Christianity.”
            I think it’s political, and it’s a result of war and exploitation.

            Given such a situation, I only applaud Sara Connor for what she’s done.

  • Una says:

    Very well said, Sam …

  • El Grillo says:

    I still would be quite insulted would someone with her kind of money not actually buy a house where I could live peacefully, rather than take advantage of my homeless status.