Don’t look now: It’s the naked Nessun Dorma

Don’t look now: It’s the naked Nessun Dorma


norman lebrecht

October 12, 2015

A Ukrainian soprano, Arina Domski, entirely out of costume, sings the tenor aria to orchestral accompaniment, studded with gentle electronic noises.

Ms Domski is described as ‘the only Ukrainian singer in the style of classical crossover’.

Arina Domski


  • May says:

    I like the wardrobe. It’s the synthesizer accompaniment that’s offensive.

  • Elena Gekker says:

    I don’t like neither her wardrobe, nor accompaniment, neither the way she sings (if one can call it singing). I can understand that she wants to attract the audience, but one could do it with good taste too.
    Sorry if I am too critical. It is always easier to criticize that do it yourself. I wish her all the best.

    • Ks. Christopher Robson says:

      Yes, I think maybe you are being a little bit too critical. Sounds to me like she actually can sing, and there are some nice well focussed sounds when she opens up the voice.Yes,it is a tad tasteless; but to hear something slightly more quirky being done with the music than the standard crass attempt to be purely (I use that word with some caution) operatic is somewhat refreshing. The only thing that disturbs me greatly is that there is almost reason at all for yet another version of this now desperately hackneyed and (nowadays, as one hears it everywhere and anywhere) boring aria. It would be nice if it could disappear for a few years!!

      Btw: Happy 80th (or maybe a touch more) Birthday Pavarotti 🙂

  • Michael Volpe says:

    Unutterably f***kin awful. When will it end?

  • David Boxwell says:

    That rendition made me ping, pang, pong!

  • Alvaro says:

    QUICK!!! Someone call universal classics ASAP!! This definitely fits their “vision for artistic quality”

  • Gianmaria says:

    Absolutely disgraceful, tasteless, awfully sung and don’t even get me started on the diction, that’s the least of problems. An insult to Puccini and to all the musicians, singers and not, who have been trying to honor him since 1924. I’m disgusted.