Cleveland boss lets his record speak for itself

In a parting interview with the Plain Dealer, ahead of his retirement next month, executive director Gary Hanson won’t be drawn on his achievements.

‘I’m proud to have had a role,’ he says. ‘But I didn’t start it, and no one’s ever going to finish it.’

His chairman and music director sing his praises – with good reason. Read the full piece here.

But from an outside perspective Gary has pulled off a major miracle by keeping the Cleveland Orch at the peak of its powers when the rest of the city is struggling to stay afloat.

Here’s my Standpoint take from earlier his year.


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  • Hanson has done a brilliant job, never pushing himself to the forefront, always at the service of the organisation, the music, the orchestra and the community and donors. His successor has a tough job to match his example.

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