An opera singer looks back on the cancer she beat

An opera singer looks back on the cancer she beat


norman lebrecht

October 31, 2015

Arianna Zuckerman has been given the all-clear. She is a singer, a teacher and a mother of two little girls under five years old.

In a frank video for Sexi Soprano, Arianna talks about the struggle, about survivial and the future.

‘I don’t have cancer any more. What a gift. I better make good use of the time I’ve got left.’

Her message: Get tested.

Watch. Spread the word.


  • Simon Evnine says:

    Is she Pinchas’ daughter ?

    • V.Lind says:

      Yes, one of them, from the first marriage to the flautist Eugenia Zukerman. The other, Natalia, is also a musician, more in the jazz/blues/folk genres. Arianna Z. frequently sings under her father’s baton.

  • Patrick John Gordon Shaw says:

    What VERY wonderful news! MAKES my All Saints Day here in Fuengirola, Andalucia. My younger sister has beaten breast cancer and this year there was a bowel cancer scare but fortunately the results returned negative?

  • Arianna Zukerman says:

    Norman, thank you for sharing and helping to spread the word.

  • Shiou der wann says:

    You are always beautiful in your singing and person. You send courage and love for life. You bring laughter. I miss you. Love and kisses to you and your family.