Agency swoop: Tchaikovsky loser gets CAMI deal, Sony waiting

Agency swoop: Tchaikovsky loser gets CAMI deal, Sony waiting


norman lebrecht

October 29, 2015

The charismatic French pianist Lucas Debargue, placed fourth in the Tchaikovsky Competition, has placed his unfolding career in the Ndew York hands of CAMI’s Douglas Sheldon. The territories covered are north and south America, UK and East Asia.

We hear also that a Sony record deal is in the offing.

lucas debargue st pete


  • Alvaro says:

    Cash while its hot. 2 CD’s Norman. I am willing to bet money on this one.

    I guess we’ll see

  • All Keyed Up says:

    Debargue will become the latest of Doug Sheldon’s many victims. Remember Cecile Licad? No? She was a CAMI-Sheldon artist, she had a recording contract with Sony, she performed with Ozawa & Solti, she made recordings with Abbado & Previn, and she played everywhere – once. CAMI & Sony ran the poor girl into the ground, and she vanished. She simply wasn’t ready for it all, and neither is Debargue.

    • Alvaro says:

      2 CDS and its over. Pump and Dump, thats the strategy. The long term vision of All the labels is crossover,but would gladly take the last cents out of “hardcore classical fans” who still want to pay for Beethoven. Alas, sokolov, debarge and a handful others.

  • Manu says:

    Big mistake by Lucas. He has chosen Cami because now his priority is being close to Gergiev, as a door opener and inspiration.
    His carrier should develop in Europe first and in this sense Sheldon is the wrong choice.
    He should have gotten any solid boutique agent. There are many good ones.

  • jeffrey biegel says:

    It is always an initial response in winning a prize at any international competition, to secure representation with an agent who works directly with conductors, especially those who already know you and your work. These young winners should think about the 10-10-10 principle, and where they hope to be in ten years based on the now. It isn’t just about management–which could certainly be helpful–but it’s ALL about repertoire and finding friends to champion you as a friend and an artist–sometime performing/recording works in unchartered waters that is interesting musically and audience friendly. Otherwise, there are thousands of musicians reaching for the same engagements with the same repertoire.

  • esfir ross says:

    I have Cecil Licad recordings: great Schuman, Chopin, Ravel, L.M.Gottschalk and recommend her as the best interpreter. I discover her excellent playing and buy all her recording and attend her recitals. Also love her chamber music cd,s.