Absolutely, the lowest of the low

Absolutely, the lowest of the low


norman lebrecht

October 17, 2015

Octavists of the Russian Orthodox church.


  • Eddie Mars says:

    The lowest note I distinguished was bottom AA ;))

    • stanley cohen says:

      At 1′ 58″ and at 3′ 52″ are A flat below bottom C
      At 4′ 41″ is perceptible bottom F below bottom C
      Those of us who have sung Rachmaninov’s Vespers are acquainted with the former but very few are capable of the latter.

  • Robert von Bahr says:

    On one record, BIS-CD-1141, Jyrki Korhonen performs a song by Rautavaara, specially adapted for him by the composer, where he sings (not burps) a low F below bottom C. Lots of low G:s, Bflats on that record with that amazing voice.
    Robert von Bahr

  • M2N2K says:

    Heavy smoking and hard drinking make this possible.