Will the owner of these knickers, please…

Will the owner of these knickers, please…


norman lebrecht

September 13, 2015

… apply to Sony Classical, where a refund can be arranged?

kaufmann knickers

Jonas Kaufmann’s Tom Jones moment is providing much amusement for the British press and sales fuel for his new recording.


  • CGDA says:

    Stars, stars, stars…. You stare at them and you forget about the music.

  • Jamesay says:

    It was a PR set up and everyone in the press fell for it – or are you really telling me Kaufmann tours with a pair of Union Jack boxer shorts to throw back? Really ?
    Sheep! Bah !

  • milka says:

    He cheapens the event , but then he knows his audience which ain’t saying much

  • Peter says:

    Sony Classical doesn’t give refunds. Duh…