Why is this oboist 100 grand richer?

Why is this oboist 100 grand richer?


norman lebrecht

September 16, 2015

There are five considerations at work when it comes to giving lifetime awards. The rules seem to be:

1 Give the prize to whoever bring greatest celebrity to the giver. (Step up Lang Lang).

2 Give it to whoever has the most powerful friends. (The Christoph Eschenbach syndrome).

3 Give it to whoever really needs it. (Never happens).

4 Apply the discredited educational maxim, ‘all shall have prizes’.

5 Anyone still left without a prize?

heinz holliger

Heinz Holliger, 76, the oboist, composer and conductor, has been awarded the Swiss Grand Prix for Music 2015. He collects 100,000 Swiss francs ($100,000).

UPDATE: But what happened next? See here.


  • John says:

    Perhaps because he is Swiss himself, has had a distinguished life-long career as an oboist and composer of some superb music?